Here Comes the Bride

I was happy to be Maid of Honor…but it also meant doing less traditional work – and missing alot of opportunities as a photographer. But my little sister is married, and I couldn’t be happier! (Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)

Photo Scavenger Hunt – April

Foolish: Good old candy. A vice. Opening: Found at the Austin Botanical Gardens. I wanted to leap in and have a good old country breakfast here. Ram: I cheated a bit here, this was a Dodge Ram in traffic with me. I couldn’t help being cheeky with the Photo Request. Four: Caught while Camping Eggs:…

Land of 10,000 Faces

Location: Rice Village – Houston, TX (Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)

Self Portrait

I got new studio equipment. I figured why not put myself in photos first? I’ve not posted this and have been sitting on it for months now. I think it’s a cute picture, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like me. (Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)

Lindyfest with a Twist

Thought I would take some of the Lindyfest pics I got an turn them into new art. I didn’t get the best shots as I wanted to, and really was focused on dancing…so what better than to challenge myself and make better out of “good”. Thank you online photo editing for giving me some great…

My First Piece – “Hug A Farmer”

Thank you to Estee & Cindy for making this undoubtedly the first piece I’d display in a show. May just have to enter it in a few contests. I cannot tell you what it means to me to have a piece of my work mean something to others. (Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)

February – Photo Scavenger Hunt

Heart Shaped Cake: Brunch at Hugo’s with family. My goodness – this was rice pudding and tres leches cake – that heart shaped cake – while meeting the needs of the competition – paled in comparison! Olympic Mascot – Quatchi: Struggling here. But I figured Henry, my little bug who’s appearing in alot my work…

Texas Brass

Learning Action Shots Location: Red Cat Jazz Cafe. Houston, TX. (Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)