Local Specials

You can mix and match your savings up to 10%

If you print my poster and put it in the window or high traffic space at a Local Katy Business (who’s address is in Katy and who doesn’t already have my poster) I will give you 5% off your event.  Just click the link above, save and print the PDF. To prove you’ve done it, please post the poster in a well trafficked area (after asking the business if it’s OK!), and take a photo of it and the door/building/etc…so it’s viewable. (I save these and post them to my media.) Good up to two businesses.

AND….OR….you could…..

If you friend my PSP Business Page AND If you post my photo below on your personal Facebook page –  you get 3% off. To download the photo for posting to your facebook page, right click the image, hit “Save Image As”. Open your Facebook, go to the top, select the option to post a photo, and browse to find where you saved my file.  Select it, and then post the photo.  Once posted, click the photo, and hit “Tag Photo”, then type in “Pretty Smart Photography” you should see my green box logo come up and you can choose that. If you have trouble, let me know. Once I receive the notification that we’ve been tagged, you are able to receive your discount. In order to earn up to 2% in ADDITIONAL savings do two of the following:

  • Tag 5 friends in the same photo
  • Get two of them to share it to their walls (also tagging PSP in it.)
  • Write a review of the services you have already received

AND….OR….you could…..

Have one friend book a session with your name as a referral and you will get 5% off your next booking. Just make sure they mention your name while booking, not after the session has started.

Now: Get to SharingCapture

The fine print: No customer may receive more than 10% off of a single event. A single event is described as a one-date-only booking. Customers who book multiple sessions are still eligible for another 5% using the Facebook or Poster Methods above. We appreciate repeat business AND repeat advertising! Facebook and Posters must be posted to a new business/friends every time, the same pictures will not result in a repeated discount.