February – Photo Scavenger Hunt

01 Heart Shaped Cake Heart Shaped Cake: Brunch at Hugo’s with family. My goodness – this was rice pudding and tres leches cake – that heart shaped cake – while meeting the needs of the competition – paled in comparison!

02 QuatchiOlympic Mascot – Quatchi: Struggling here. But I figured Henry, my little bug who’s appearing in alot my work now, would look cute “looking up” to his mascot.

03 LostLost:  This board was brought back from my parents trip to Mexico in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Now it’s mine, and I love it.

04 CurtainsCurtains: The grey light of the morning peeking through my bedroom windows. It looked so serene.

05 PucePuce: Darkish purplish black.  I couldn’t help but snap these…and snap them up!

06 Hug a FarmerHug a Farmer: Okay, Okay, a little liberty taken with this one. But his boots and my leather pants and 6” heels said “City Girl, Country Boy” too much to not take advantage.

07 Lying in WaitLying in Wait: this cat and bird were well placed objects at a local antique fair. I saw them, and it just looked like that cement cat could come to life and eat that bird!08 DetourDetour: Stopped along the way to Brazos Bend to take some pictures. This just said…”drive”…”take a detour”…”claim the open road.”


10 Street Sign with LoveStreet sign with the word hope, love, or turkey on it:…this truck was on the street. (See the van in the mirror)…so it’s a sign on the street.

13 Origami Origami: We were at a party and one of my friends turned around and handed this to me. I set it on my knee and voila! Another photo made – I didn’t even ask or tell him about the challenge – that was the best part – this picture just “happened”.
14 True North True North: Stack of antique bibles. If this isn’t the idea of looking up to True North…I’ve missed the point!
15 BFF BFF: Great old store letters. Those are two “D”s stuck together to make a B, I had a good time sifting through each booth to find the right ones…once I set this one up, it was hilarious that the booth owner said “No…leave it that way, I’ll probably sell it faster now!”
16 River RocksRiver rocks: Bottom of the river bank at Brazos Bend. I love the coppery feel here. Nothing overly done, simple, sunlight. Makes me want to float with a nice lemonade.
17 Saving Money Saving money: Sweet Henry and my packed lunch and cheap crossword entertainment. I pack my lunch alot – this lunch box is from ebay, it’s a real vintage one, if I’m going green and cheap, it better at least look good! 🙂
19 With a live farm animal With a live farm animal: Okay, I need to explain – I’m DEATHLY afraid of cows. This is about as close are you are going to get me to one. Nothing makes me feel better than “squishing” it with my fingers.
20 Grid Grid: Me in a laundry basket. With some of my favorite shoes. My piece on this blog earlier about the laundromat…this one stuck out to me, I’m usually photographing feet wherever I land, this would just suit me fine – feet and grid – dual purpose!

22 Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast: Ah, another mascot who appears in alot of my work. Ye olde Ralphie. He’s my beastly beast. Learning to bark more and more makes me cherish these times that he’s tired out and playfully calm.


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