Here Comes the Bride

IMG_8093a IMG_7795a IMG_7823a IMG_7824a IMG_7828a IMG_7834a IMG_7853a IMG_7862a IMG_7882a IMG_7893a IMG_7896a IMG_7903a IMG_7913a IMG_7922a IMG_7949a IMG_7952a IMG_7966a IMG_7969a IMG_7981a IMG_8016a IMG_8027a IMG_8030a IMG_8032a IMG_8041a IMG_8049a IMG_8061a IMG_8076a IMG_8083a IMG_8091a IMG_8327b IMG_8096a IMG_8102a IMG_8105 IMG_8108a IMG_8111a IMG_8114a IMG_8124a IMG_8128a IMG_8135a IMG_8138a IMG_8139a IMG_8141a IMG_8145a IMG_8147a IMG_8165a IMG_8168a IMG_8169a IMG_8172a IMG_8176a IMG_8191a IMG_8218a IMG_8224a IMG_8233a IMG_8241a IMG_8256a IMG_8292a IMG_8296a IMG_8317a IMG_8327a IMG_8717a IMG_8327b IMG_8342a IMG_8344a IMG_8347a IMG_8351a IMG_8355a IMG_8360a IMG_8380a IMG_8382a IMG_8409a IMG_8415a IMG_8433a IMG_8459a IMG_8469a IMG_8476a IMG_8496a IMG_8506a IMG_8507a IMG_8510a IMG_8518a IMG_8521a IMG_8522a IMG_8539a IMG_8544a IMG_8654a IMG_8691a IMG_9527a IMG_8734a IMG_8739a IMG_8773a IMG_8778a IMG_8805a IMG_8818a IMG_9009a IMG_9038a IMG_9092a IMG_9092b IMG_9124a IMG_9132a IMG_9142a IMG_9202a IMG_9228a IMG_9228b IMG_9234a IMG_9303a IMG_9359a IMG_9386a IMG_9425a IMG_9480a

I was happy to be Maid of Honor…but it also meant doing less traditional work – and missing alot of opportunities as a photographer. But my little sister is married, and I couldn’t be happier!

(Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)


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