Tip Tap Toes

IMG_7647a IMG_7497a IMG_7500a IMG_7513a IMG_7523a IMG_7529a IMG_7532a IMG_7541a IMG_7547a IMG_7565a IMG_7573a IMG_7580a IMG_7590a IMG_7596a IMG_7607a IMG_7627a IMG_7956a IMG_7647a IMG_7657a IMG_7664a IMG_7674a IMG_7680a IMG_7686a IMG_7688a IMG_7694a IMG_7707a IMG_7718a IMG_7723a IMG_7732a IMG_7748a IMG_7752a IMG_7765a IMG_7766a IMG_7781a IMG_7791a IMG_7799a IMG_7800a IMG_7827a IMG_7836a IMG_7849a IMG_7854a IMG_7857a IMG_7861a IMG_7893a IMG_7908a IMG_7921a IMG_7938a IMG_7954a IMG_7955a IMG_8431a IMG_7963a IMG_7982a IMG_7984a IMG_7986a IMG_7991a IMG_8013a IMG_8029a IMG_8038a IMG_8040a IMG_8058a IMG_8062a IMG_8069a IMG_8075a IMG_8136a IMG_8138a IMG_8143a IMG_8178a IMG_8186a IMG_8194a IMG_8206a IMG_8218a IMG_8228a IMG_8232a IMG_8237a IMG_8240a IMG_8242a IMG_8253a IMG_8255a IMG_8257a IMG_8263a IMG_8293a IMG_8312a IMG_8315a IMG_8338a IMG_8351a IMG_8354a IMG_8355a IMG_8372a IMG_8376a IMG_8377a IMG_8417a

Location: Cullen Performance Center, University of Houston

(Photos by: Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2010.)


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