It’s a Jungle out There

If I could own a farm of exotic animals, I would. I know PETA would probably have a field day with me, but I am 30 years old and still love a good day at the zoo.

Whatever, I don’t have kids, I’m on my own most of the time, it’s okay, I’m shooting pictures.

I love going and watching just 2 or 3 animals for the day. Just to see the changes in them – morning, afternoon, evening until the zoo starts to close. They change as they go through the day. Like us they have morning animals and night time animals, and sometimes it’s almost as if they’re smiling or posing for me. Sometimes as humans, I think the jokes on us…they could be observing us for entertainment instead.

Location: Houston Zoo.

(Photography by Pretty.Smart.Photography. 2008)


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